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Donald Trump is the 3rd Party Choice


Donald Trump Is The 3rd Party Choice

– Bryden Proctor

If you know anything about me or who I am you know that since late September I have been a slight fan of Donald J Trump. Obviously as IFHE moved to Right To Bryden to now this; I have been labeled a “Trumpkin”. Personally I think it is a moderately lame term compared to what I call it. “Trumpian Conservative”. The party is still in desperate need of realignment and Donald Trump is in a great position to blow out the Glenn Becks and Romneys of the GOP establishment.

With the nomination all but a lock at this point thanks to the drop out of the Zodiac Killer and Pancakeman there has been a rapid push from the party leaders and lemmings that follow them to stop Trump at any cost. The #NeverTrump movement is a total joke. Ben Shapiro, Lindsey Graham and the like are willing to throw the presidency and the Supreme Court nominations to the left simply because the new GOP (and by and large; THE PEOPLE) will not adhere to their corporatist, globalist, Zionist will.

The google search stats for the Libertarian candidates have sky rocketed lately as a result of this. The GOPe has fooled the die-hard pearl clutchers into believing that “we have to save the party”. It is a party that does not, and will not win. Establishment conservatives are done. We have seen this time and time again. I won’t even bother with the details as we were all likely alive and paying attention during the last few election cycles. We got steam rolled over and over and over ad nauseum. I’m pretty sick of it and I am sure you are too.

Movement conservatives are the “It girl” of the scene right now. When we saw Rubio and Cruz initially be elected I was estatic; but all but Rand Paul have fallen to the establishment Washington back room deals when we are thinking of the Tea Party. So what’s left for us better dead than red, liberty loving, Republicans? 3rd party right?

The reality of the situation is this: Donald Trump is the 3rd party vote. The #NeverTrump crowd are now the outlLIARS of the party. Still 40% of the country identifies as evangelical- but does that matter? DJT has yet to throw around the religious zealot character we saw with Cruz and the like. I suspect he never will.  The main concern of Americans of all race, creed, and color is very simple. So simple I believe it was a slogan for a bit. It’s the economy, stupid.

We have seen on the left that even they are tired of Washington. The rabid fan base of socialist Sanders is enough proof. These are not just your typical cop car tipping anarchist extremists. Fortunately we are sane enough to be in a better position than they are. I will address the lefts issue with the super-delegate situation as we get closer to their contested convention. Regardless, the people are awake now. Folks like Jeb and Hillary are through. These dynasties are dying.

As a Ron Paul 08 voter I can assure you that shaking up the system has been a life goal of mine. We knew the man couldn’t win. But I did want a 3rd party run. We wanted that protest vote. We voted McCain. We knew he couldn’t really win. That was 2008. This is [CURRENT YEAR]. The game is entirely different. If you don’t agree with DJT I can understand (That you’re a cuck) but nobody can deny that he has changed the way we view political races.

No 3rd party candidate is able to win, officially. Yet Donald has essentially started a hostile take-over of a major political party. This isn’t just one billionaire. This is the will of the voters. If you want change and you want to get corruption out of Washington- your best bet is Donald J Trump. The 45th President of our nation. Ironic that it took a self-funding billionaire to get money out of politics.